The content on this site is written by people who work in the debt industry. There are a mixture of people who give debt advice as a living, people who write content in the industry, and others who have or do live under the burden of debt.

We feel that some of the information about debt isn’t as good as it could be. That’s why we want to create a place where you can find useful information.

That being said, Debt Blower isn’t licensed to give debt advice, that’s why here and many times within our content, we say you should always seek the help of a professional debt advisor before making a decision about a debt solution.

On this site we have decided not to place any ads. We find them annoying and I’m sure you do too. However, we pass leads for those that are interested onto a debt management company. They are regulated and licensed to give debt advice by the FCA.

For transparency, you should know that for passing the company these leads we may receive a fee.

Team Debt Blower