Will my electric run out at night?

Running out of electricity is a concern for many homes, especially at night. It can be a nuisance for some, but for others it can be dangerous. If the lights don’t work a flight of stairs can become a death trap.

If you’re concerned about the electricity going out then I’m going to assume you have a prepayment meter. The short answer is, with a prepayment meter you won’t run out of credit at night. Here’s how it works.

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Prepayment meter’s emergency credit

If your prepayment meter is low on credit and you’re about to go to bed, don’t worry. The meter won’t immediately cut you off. Instead, you will be advanced emergency credit. That way you can get through the night and make it to the shops the next day.

Each energy provider has a different policy on emergency credit so make sure you check with your provider.

Where can you top up your prepayment meter?

There are a few places you can top up your prepayment meter. Your options for topping up are as follows:

At a Payzone
At a Paypoint
At a Post Office

By following any of the links above, you’ll be able to enter your postcode and find the nearest place to your home.

The other option you have to pay is online. Paying online isn’t for everyone; however, if you’re reading this you have access to the internet and so this is an option available to you.

With British Gas you can top up without signing into an account. With the other providers I found you have to log in, or you simply couldn’t top up online.

Other payment options

Many people have a prepayment but it’s not through choice. An energy supplier may have insisted you use a prepayment meter after missing several payments. A meter saves them the hassle of chasing you for payment.

In any case, it’s worth checking to see if you can switch to direct debit. It can give you peace of mind about the electricity not cutting off through the night. Speak with you provider and see if they are willing to do this. They will run a soft credit check on you and let you know.

You should also check out the great information at Uswitch. If you current provider won’t allow you to change to direct debit, another one might.

Always check before switching any fees that the energy providers may charge.

Help with energy costs and other bills

If you’re using a prepayment meter and you’re worried about the electricity cutting out, it could indicate a larger problem with your finances.

Not many people are aware of debt products that could help you to get debt free. What they allow you to do is consolidate all of your unsecured debts (credit cards, loans, store cards etc) into one affordable monthly repayments.

Grants help to pay energy bills

There are also grants available that help people struggling with their energy bills. Take a look at the information and see if you could save yourself some money.

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