There has been a surge recently in people searching for free government debt help. Google trends reported as much as a 150% increase. When searching for the term ourselves, we found that the amount of misleading content was beyond belief.

In this blog, we’ll explain what you need to know about “free government debt help” and the options you have available should you need debt help.

What is free government debt help?

The increase in searches for the term “free government debt help” is strange. That’s because this term has little meaning. There’s no such thing as “free government debt help.”

So why is it that people are searching for this term? It’s partly a game of what came first, the chicken or the egg. Unscrupulous debt companies have been using this term in their Google ads in an effort to sound legitimate. Their hope is, if they use the word “government”, they will sound trustworthy.

It may be - having seen these kind of advertisements - that people are returning and searching for the term in the hope they will be given a list of legitimate sites.

There are other reasons, too. There are certain charities in the market that don’t charge a fee for a particular debt solution - Debt Management Plans. It’s possible the searchers are looking for these charities.

How do you get free government debt help?

If you’re looking for free government debt help, chances are you need help dealing with your problem debt. The best thing to do when you’re in this position is to find a debt company who you can trust.

There was a time that looking at reviews could help you; however, we’ve found that within the debt industry, there are many companies who are manipulating their reviews in order to sound reputable.

If you don’t know someone who you can ask, and all you have to go off is reviews, we find Trust Pilot the most accurate guide. If you’re still unsure, we’ve listed a couple of companies below who offer fee free Debt Management Plans. The only debate here is, without charging a fee, are they able to offer the best service?

Don’t be fooled 

After you research the company you’re looking for, make a note of them. Don’t click on an ad. The ads are usually the place where misinformation lurks.

Instead, type in your chosen company and scroll to underneath where the ads start.

Google ads guide

Above you can see a reputable company, indicated by the green arrow.  The red arrow points to a company trying to sound reputable by using a term such as free government debt support. This is completely misleading. This company is not associated in anyway with the government, and they will charge a fee for ongoing services.

They even go one step further by creating a a brand name similar to the similar Step Change name, by calling themselves Step Debt Free. Avoid companies like this at all costs.

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